Gamelyn Games Tiny Epic Kingdoms Heroes’ Call & TEK 2nd Edition on Kickstarter!

Tiny Epic Kingdoms Heroes’ Call & Tiny Epic Kingdoms 2nd Edition has hit Kickstarter running. The project went up this morning and has already knocked its funding goal of $15,000 out of the park. Backers can opt to either pledge a smaller amount for one of the games or get both deluxe editions for $44.

Tiny Epic Kingdoms Heroes’ Call is an expansion to Tiny Epic Kingdoms that adds new factions, territories, regions, resource type, new hero meeples and abilities, war towers, and the deluxe edition comes with new exploration tiles.


Tiny Epic Kingdoms 2nd Edition is a reprint with rulebook clarifications, faction card clarifications, game component improvements, the retreat option, improved 2 player variant, and TEK exploration tiles now included in every copy.  There is even an add-on kit to upgrade your copy of TEK 1st edition to 2nd edition, which is super-considerate for early adopters (like us!).

jessmJess: We love TEK. It is a great game to just toss in your bag for game night as it is small and yet plays a bunch of people. Its also pretty quick to learn. The game already has a lot of fans so check out the Kickstarter today and watch the stretch goals roll in!

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