RAWR! Dinosaurs Make a Mighty Return in the Apex Expansion Kickstarter!


Die-Hard Games, makers of one of Rob’s favorite games, Apex: Theropod Deck-Building Game, has recently launched a Kickstarter for the Apex TDBG: Stomping Grounds Expansion!

robsm Rob: Are you a bad enough dino to back this expansion?

andysmAndrew: Oh come ON.

The original game a deck-builder for 1-5 players. Each player becomes a badass predator dinosaur that will fight others for territory and resources (you can check out our full review here).  If you want to try out the game before backing the Kickstarter, there is a print & play version.


The Kickstarter offers the Stomping Grounds expansion and three new playable Apex Decks: Saurophaganax, Therizinosaurus, and Megalodon.

robsm Rob: Megalodon = SOLD

andysmAndrew:  Um, I simply cannot argue with that.

robsmRob:  Of course you can’t!  It’s a fracking megashark!

andysmAndrew:  What can I say, you’ve got me on this one.

Stomping Grounds adds more player interaction, new elimination rules, new Evolve and Affliction cards, and the ability to customize your deck. The new decks add three alpha cards as well as new apex cards, environments, carcasses, and animal cards. You can also add on a super cool (un-painted) t-rex minifigure for $10 + shipping.


jessm Jess: That t-rex is fierce! look at all those teeth!

You can get the expansion and all of the stretch goals for just $40 to head over to Kickstarter and sink your teeth into the Apex TDBG: Stomping Grounds project!

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