Get Some Customizable Gaming Mats on Kickstarter

Look at that Star Realms mat!

If you are annoyed by the sound of dice clattering across your table or just want a really cool set up mat for your cards games, Grok Gaming has you covered. They are currently in the last days of their Kickstarter campaign for customizable gaming mats. They will take your custom art and print it either on canvas or a non-slip laminated vinyl. If you don’t have any artistic or copy & paste skills you can also have the Grok team help you design your mat.

jessm Jess: The mats look like pretty nice quality and having an organized play area for things like Ascension or Machi Koro can be pretty handy.

You can get your own 36″x36″ Canvas mat or 2 18″x18″ mats for a pledge of just $25, but if you splurge, for $70 you can get a huge 72″x50″ mat. The campaign ends in 5 days and expects to ship in August 2015 which is a pretty fast turnaround time for a Kickstarter.

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