Flash! Poof! Hocus Appears on Kickstarter!


Hyperbole Games has cast a spell on Kickstarter with their new game Hocus. The 30 minute card game sets 2-5 players against each other in a mystical battle of spell-slinging and misdirection. Similar to poker, you’ll be trying to create ranked sets of cards using shared Communities of 4 cards and with your personal Pocket of 2 cards. You can check out the print-and-play version here to see how it all works.

jessmJess: The art on this game was provided by John Ariosa, Adam P. McIver, and Tiffany Turrill and boy is it gorgeous! I was drawn in by the look of the game before I even knew what it was. As it stands, it looks like it is a fun, strategic game.

The game is $15 with free US shipping. Canada gets $7 shipping and the rest of World pays $12 for shipping. There are no stretch goals, which means that the campaign will be easier to manage and less likely to have delays. There are add-ons such as extra copies and a custom wooden box with tokens.
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You can cast your pledge on the Hocus Kickstarter page.

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