Zpocalypse 2: The ‘Burbs Coming to Kickstarter Soon!


Greenbrier Games has announced they will be running a Kickstarter soon for the sequel to their popular zombie series Zpocalypse, called  Zpocalypse 2: The ‘Burbs. It will be a new standalone co-op game for 2-5 players. While based off of the original Zpocalypse, game, this one will allow you to assign survivors to tasks (scavenge & barter, craft & fortify, guard & patrol, and rest & heal), has a new  skill system (melee, firearms, mechanics, sneak, and talker), includes new base defenses and upgrades, and lets you customize your scenario.
jessm Jess: GreenBrier Games is looking to go to Kickstarter July 14th, but it is not set in stone yet. This looks like it could be to be an exciting improvement over the last game. The anticipated price of the game will be $59.95, but who knows what sort of things the Kickstarter will include.

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