Vital Lacerda: Bringing Humanity to the Humanities

jessmJess:  If you’re following board games on Kickstarter, you probably know that one of the coolest-looking games on the block right now is The Gallerist, from Eagle-Gryphon Games and Vital Lacerda.  But earlier this week, Board Game Geek user Rodrigo Levin (AKA ThisisRodrigo) posted a thread called ” Vital Lacerda is a great person“. With a title like that I coudn’t pass up reading it and my heart shall be warmed for days to come.

Rodrigo learned that, in December 2014, Vital Lacerda ran a contest inviting fans to submit art for possible inclusion in his upcoming game The Gallerist. Vital wrote:

“The spirit of The Gallerist is to discover, and act as patron to new artists to help them create works of art. You can buy their art, send them to art school, and get sponsors to improve their fame and the market value of the works they create.

Before our publisher builds an art library for the game by licensing works of art from already-published artists, I would like to invite new artists to submit original artwork of their own. Amateur or professional, art lover, art student, everyone from everywhere, who wants to see one of his or her works of art published in this game, can participate. The Gallerist will be published worldwide. If you think you can create a cool piece of modern art, and would like to show it to the world, please accept this invitation.”

Not only was Rodrigo a fan of Vita’s previous work (Kanban: Automotive Revolution), but his mother was also a wonderful painter. Sadly, she passed away a few months ago, but Rodrigo still wished to honor her memory by submitting her paintings to the contest.

Her painting really is amazing!

There was only one problem: The contest ended in February and Rodrigo was sending the paintings in June. He wrote Vital anyway and received a reply almost immediately. Vital was saddened to say that he could not include the paintings as the publisher had already chosen artwork for the game, but he expressed sympathy and appreciation for Rodrigo’s loss.

But the story doesn’t end there.

Not long after their initial contact, Vital contacted Rodrigo again to let him know that there might be a possibility of having the artwork on promotional tiles, which hadn’t been set yet. And, true to his word, in a recent update the promo tile with Rodrigo’s mother’s artwork has been confirmed and can be seen on the Kickstarter project.


As Rodrigo points out in his post, this meant not only that Lacerda took a personal interest in his story, but that he kept Rodrigo’s mother’s work in mind as the production of the game carried on.  And when the chance to include her work presented itself, Vital gave Rodrigo’s tribute a wonderful opportunity to come to fruition.  Awesome, just awesome.

This is one of those stories that reminds me how wonderful the board gaming community can be. From designers to fans, I always seem to meet the sweetest, most wonderful people through boardgames. I would like to give the Awesomest Person of the Month to to Vital Lacerda. Congrats! You made the world a little bit better and we thank you.

vitalSeeing as The Gallerist project has already hit over $62,000, it is almost guaranteed that stretch goals will be hit. The Kickstarter ends in just a few days and Eagle-Gryphon Games has it set to deliver in October 2015 so go pledge now on Kickstarter before it is too late!

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