Now You Can Play Your Games and Wear Them Too! Cardboard Clothing Hits Kickstarter


What is a gamer without some game-related clothing? Um…naked probably. If you’d rather not be naked, you can always check out the Cardboard Clothing – Apparel for the Modern Board Gamer Kickstarter campaign. The company was founded by Justin Schaffer (Terra Nova Games) and his friends Jerry and Sierra Lanier. They wanted to create a way for gamers to show off their boardgamer pride.

jessm Jess: The designs are really top notch! Each shirt is based off of a modern board game and is printed at Jerry’s father’s print shop in Salt Lake City, Utah. Sierra covers making the ties in her home in Denver, Colorado and they look pretty spiffy.

For a pledge of $20 or more you get one shirt in the design and size of your choice and all unlocked stretch goals. Bonus points: Cardboard Clothing expects to ship in August 2015 so it has a really quick turn around time! Go check out the project and pledge today!

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