Two New Kickstarters From Gamelyn Games and Meeple Source!

Gamelyn Games are busy bees this month. They are involved in two new Kickstarters out now: Darkrock Ventures and the Meeple Source KS for Character Meeples for Tiny Epic Kingdoms Heroes’ Call.

Darkrock Ventures is a 2-5 player worker placemen game where you control your own mining company. You’ll need to explore asteroids and fight off aliens to make your business a success. The game utilizes a dice sharing mechanic. You’ll be rolling your own set of dice, but adding a die from the board. If those dice combine to equal a resource, you can collect your hard won booty.

You can get Darkrock Ventures for a pledge of $39 or more and it includes all of the unlocked stretch goals. The game is estimated to ship in April 2016.

jessm Jess: I can never say no to an interesting worker placement game and I like games where you can manipulate your dice rolls. If you are unsure about it, check out the print and play rules. You submit your pledge on the Darkrock Ventures kickstarter page.



Meeple Source, creators of amazing premium meeples and bits, is also Kickstarting a line of Character Meeples for Gamelyn Games’ Tiny Epic Kingdoms Heroes’ Call. They have a ton of adorable meeples to help you bring your game to life. The lowest pledge of $24 or more gets you 1 of each of the 16 factions from Tiny Epic Kingdoms Heroes’ Call, but if you double your pledge you can complete your collection with the addition of 1 of each of the 16 factions from Tiny Epic Kingdoms. The meeples will be shipping out January of 2016.

jessm Jess: Just look at that bear warrior! Adorable yet dangerous! Check out the rest on the Character Meeples Kickstarter page.

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