Among The Stars: Revival and Minis Now in Preorder!

Stronghold Games has announced that they have opened up preorders for Among The Stars: Revival and the Among The Stars: Miniatures Pack.

Revival is a standalone game, but can also be played as an expansion for Among The Stars. It adds new rules for 2-player games and new mechanisms, like spaceships and advisors, that add more player interaction. Revival was the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign by Artipia Games which raised $108,392 for production. The game picks up the story, of Among The Stars, where sectors are being ever repopulated and the increased traffic means new stations need to be constructed. To help you on your way, advisors have been sent from the federation. Revival comes with 30 new locations, 2-player rules, and spaceship minis.
If you love the spaceship minis, you’re in for a treat. The Among The Stars: Miniatures Pack can also be added for even more mini fun! The mini’s pack contains 8 bust sculptures of the primary Races: Debos, Minireen, Humareen, Qualeen, Nyxtos, Garn’Athak’Nok, Hythian, and Feronsy.

You can get both on sale for in pre-order.  Revival is just $31.47 and the Miniatures Pack is available for $20.97. Pre-order the game and minis both from the Stronghold Games website.

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