New Bedford, A Whale of a Game, Hits Kickstarter!

Read our Fleet review and want even more fishing games? Well exciting news for you then! New Bedford: The Game of Historic Whaling & Town Building is now on Kickstarter!

New Bedford was created by by Dice Hate Me Games (the geniuses behind Brew Crafters, Isle of Trains, and VivaJava: The Coffee Game). For 2-4 players, New Bedford is a resource management game where you are managing your own whaling company in historical New Bedford, Massachusetts. The game involves a bit of risk management as you must decide how long to let your ships sail the sea for. Long trips mean bigger rewards, but also harder voyages.

jessmJess: While I don’t condone whaling, it is a piece of our history and in general Dice Hate Me makes some really quality games. Just look at those sexy maritime components! Tiny ship meeples! Yeah… I’m sold.


For a pledge $29 you get the Town Builder pack which includes one copy of New Bedford as well as the White Whale promo and all unlocked stretch goals. The game is due to ship out in March of 2016 and it looks quite excellent! Get in on the New Bedford Kickstarter today!

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