Calling All Gamers! Thieves Will Be On the Loose at Gen Con!


Be on the look out for Calliope Games’ Thieves! which will be premiering at Gen Con. In the upcoming card game, everyone plays thieves who have just pulled off a major heist. The only problem is someone (We all know it was you, Josh!) set off the alarm. Now the robbers must  escape the cops. Whomever makes it out of the city with the most ill-gotten gains wins!

“We’re very excited to add Thieves! to our catalog.” says Ray Wehrs, President of Calliope Games. “It fits in perfectly with our other casual, family-friendly titles, and if folks enjoy it half as much as I do, Thieves! will be a welcome addition to many a gamer’s shelf.”

Originally published by 999 Games in Europe, Thieves!  is coming to the US market in late 2015/early 2016. If you can’t wait to take a peek, head over to Gen Con where Calliope Games will be doing live demos in booth 149.

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