One Night Ultimate Vampire Coming Soon to Kickstarter!

Put your sparkles away, Bella. Bezier Games’ One Night Ultimate Vampire is coming to Kickstarter August 3rd! This new game in the One Night series needs no moderator, there is no elimination, and werewolves are allowed by invite only.

The game is made for 3-10 players. Each player gets a role such as the befanged vampire, assassin, cupid, pickpocket, or priest. The players must root out who in their sleepy little town is a blood sucking vampire before it is too late! The game will have an associated app for mobile devices to serve as an automatic moderator for the game.


One Night Ultimate Vampire can be combined with the original One Night Ultimate Werewolf games, making it a monster mash like you wouldn’t believe!

According to the preview video, the game will be shipping to backers in October before being sent to retail stores and will offer as special rewards collectors editions of One Night and Daybreak, playmats, card sleeves, a beautiful wooden collectors box for your One Night games, and a anti-werewolf sign to let those buggers know you mean business.

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