Artana Takes on the Legacy Games Business

Legacy-style games are a new frontier of gaming. Risk: Legacy has been around for a little while and Pandemic Legacy is coming out in October, but where are legacy-style games going next? Artana aims to answer that question with their new Echo System.

The Echo System preserves your progress in a game, allowing you to continue your progress in future games. This transforms the individual games into a narrative that the players are creating together as they play.

“With the Echo System, players build history, persistence, and meaning into their play,” said Artana creative director, Dirk Knemeyer. “Within one box, one purchase, there are two levels of engagement: each single game session you play has things going on and can be won. But, based on those various game sessions, the world within that box also changes and builds persistently toward even grander goals and outcomes. Finally, on top of that, via the Echo System, the world you build in that game, the actions you took, the characters you created, will translate uniquely and directly into the next boxed game in the series. The result is an unparalleled degree of immersion and consequence.”

jessm Jess: I have yet to play in a legacy style game, but seeing as I am an avid role-player, these kinds of game sound super exciting.

Dirk Knemeyer has joined forces with Rob Daviau, president IronWall Games and the designer of Risk Legacy. Together they co-designed the Chronicles Series, which is the first game series using the Echo System. The game will allow players to create a tribe similar to a prehistoric civilizations and watch as they grow and change through the series of games.

“The Chronicles Series will tell your story of your civilization,” Daviau said. “The first game starts with players forming their own nascent cultures and civilizations that will build during the game. This will be pretty neat on its own but then, with the Echo System, the story will continue with the second game in the series, and the third, and so on. You will watch civilizations rise and fall over thousands of years and a variety of games. It’s unlike anything you’ve played before.”

jessm Jess: I would be compelled to name my little tribe, create a back story for them, and LEAD THEM TO CONQUER ALL OTHERS! FOR GLORY!

Artana is Kickstarting Chronicles: Origins and the pre-order will open up in February 2016. If you are attending Gen Con 2015, head over to their booth to check out the game. For our friends outside of the US, you’ll be able to see the game in action at SPIEL 2015 in Essen, Germany. You can also sign up for the Artana newsletter at

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