IELLO Gets Literary With Patrick Rothfuss and Their New King of Tokyo Monster!

During Gen Con, IELLO Games debuted their new King of Tokyo monster, Draccus, that comes straight from Patrick Rothfuss’s Kingkiller Chronicles! If you are not familiar with the books, stop what you are doing and go buy them right now. I’ll wait…

You’re back? Cool.

So apparently our pals at IELLO are as big of fans Patrick Rothfuss as I am. When they discovered that the Patrick loved King of Tokyo, IELLO collaborated with him to bring his monster to cardboard life. Draccus was illustrated by Régis Torres, the artist behind both King of Tokyo and New York. You can pick up your own scaly city-crusher on Patrick Rothfuss’s online store: The Tinker’s Packs. All of the proceeds will go to support Rothfuss’s charity Worldbuilders. The charity raises money for Heifer International that works to end world hunger and poverty.


This is a super cool way to help save the real world whilst devastating the cardboard one. Go buy a Draccus today and get some good karma points!


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