Cthulhu Kickstarters

In keeping with our Augusthulhu month here are two Cthulhu based Kickstarters chock full of tentacles and sure to cause mild bouts of madness.

Chaos of Cthulhu

Chaos of Cthulhu, by Imp House, is a dice based battle game where a group of teenagers have called up a bunch of elder beings, but in a heated argument, ripped up the Necronomicon used to summon them. Now they must frantically piece their beasts back together to battle for ultimate supremacy. This is a 2-4 player game where everything happens simultaneously. You’ll be rolling to match up your monster pieces and mutating your unholy abomination, all while fending off attacks from your enemies.

jessm Jess: Unlike many battle games, Chaos of Cthulhu does not have player elimination.
This is a big deal for me as I hate getting into a game, only to be kicked out early. Then I spend the rest of the game waiting for everyone to be done so I can actually play something.

You can pledge $25 to just get the dice and a print-and-play version or for $44 you can get one copy of Chaos of Cthulhu and all unlocked stretch goals. Check out the Chaos of Cthulhu Kickstarter for more info. 

Cultists of Cthulhu


In this 1 vs. many, semi-cooperative game 3-6 players take on the roles of academics at Miskatonic University. In their midst lurks a cultist, trying to kill them before they reach their goal. Cultists of Cthulhu, by Sixpence Games, comes with 4 Scenarios, 3 Cultists per Scenario, 12 Characters, and a 39 tile that you construct making each play session different.

jessm JessI like horror co-ops like this. It reminds me a little of Betrayal at House on the Hill which we reviewed last year for Halloween. Somehow I often end up as the villain and fail to be very villanish, but I always have fun trying.

The game costs a $60 pledge, but if you add $30 you can also get a copy of  Sixpence’s first game, Professor Pugnacious (retail value $40). There is also a long list of addons like new characters, scenarios, or your own Miskatonic University Diploma (It doesn’t do anything. It just makes you look educated). Check out Cultists of Cthulhu now on Kickstarter for more details.

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