Artin’ it up, Cthulhu Style!

Sometime last month…

andysmAndrew: Okay everybody, we need to start thinking about what we want to do for Cthulhu Month. Let’s get organized; get our stuff together; get our ducks in a row.

dianasmDiana: Hehe, Cthulhu Ducks.

andysmAndrew: Let’s stay focused here. We need to talk about what we want to review, article ideas, any special stuff, and so on.

dianasmDiana: Hehehe! I keep thinking about Cthulhu Ducks.

andysmAndrew: Do you want to do something on Cthulhu Ducks?

dianasmDiana: Can I?

andysmAndrew: I don’t see why not.

dianasmDiana: Can a do a Cthulhu Ducks painting?

andysmAndrew: Sure.

dianasmDiana: Oh! Can I do more Cthulhu-themed paintings throughout the month?

andysmAndrew: That’s a great idea, actually!

Release the Quacken!
Release the Quacken!

That’s right folks, Diana is going all-out and arting it up to help us celebrate Cthulhu Month. Right now two designs are available over on her Redbubble page: “Necronomicon vs. The Librarian” and of course “Cthulhu Ducks in a Row.” Two additional paintings will become available later this month, and all four will only be available for a limited time (until the end of August).

So if you’d like to help support Gameosity and get your hands on an awesome piece of Cthulhu artwork to boot, head on over to Diana’s Redbubble page and take a look at what’s on offer. And remember: these prints are only available for a limited time!

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