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Pirate Den

It has been almost two months since we reported on Pirate Den and the issues surrounding it. If you are out of the loop, the short story is, the Gamesmith, Boyan Radakovich, held a Kickstarter campaign for his highly anticipated game Pirate Den. After the Kickstarter ended, there were a lot of issues with who would be producing the game. Unforeseeable company mergers and contract deals meant that the game was held up and the production date kept being pushed back. This might have been understandable if the creator had kept his backers in the loops, but because of the sensitive nature of the business deals he decided to stay quiet.

(For our complete interview with Boyan and an overview of the story, check this out)

On the bright side, Backers now have some good news as Patrick Nickell, Founder of Crash Games, has issued a statement on the Kickstarter page saying that the game is now back on track and has a delivery date for Q4-2015! You can read the statement below. If you are a backer and would like to subscribe for updates about the games progress you can fill out the form on Crash Games’ website.

jessm Jess: This is great news for the backers. They have been waiting a long time for this. Crash Games is an extremely reliable and puts out quality games, so I am looking forward to everyone finally being able to play the game.

Hey Pirate Den Backers!
Patrick from Crash Games here. I had wrote a pretty long update regarding Crash Games involvement with Pirate Den and I want to scrap that and make this as concise and clear as possible.

To stay up to date on Pirate Den you can subscribe to Pirate Den Updates List. This subscription is ONLY regarding Pirate Den and nothing else. The link to subscribe is here: http://eepurl.com/bvt4cz

Pirate Den is now the property of Crash Games. Crash Games had zero involvement with Pirate Den prior to purchasing the rights to the game several months ago (outside of being a backer). Since that time I have re-laid out the entire game, vastly improved the production value and prepped the files for manufacturing all on Crash Games dime.

Fulfilling the commitment of providing the original backers with their copy of Pirate Den (of which I am a backer) is at the top of my list. I personally submitted files to put Pirate Den into manufacturing several weeks ago with Panda Games Manufacturing and next week I will have the PPC (pre-production copy) in hand. Pirate Den is currently slated for Q4-2015 delivery to Crash Games and I will fulfill it to backers while absorbing those extra manufacturing and shipping costs.
Crash Games will NOT be asking you for money.

It will be difficult to manage the process of obtaining your shipping information but I have some ideas about how to make this possible, I’m actively working on a solution and I will report back. I understand this process has been very frustrating. Crash Games is known for quality games and for good and transparent communication so rest assured if you are a backer you will be getting Pirate Den and you will not be kept in the dark throughout the process.
I will be in touch next week once I have the PPC in hand. Until then get excited!
Patrick Nickell, Founder
Crash Games, LLC

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