World’s Fair 1893 is Coming to Kickstarter

Foxtrot Games has announced their Kickstarter campaign for World’s Fair 1893 starts September 29th! The 2-4 player game, designed by J. Alex Kevern (Gold West), focuses on area control and card drafting and is set in historic Chicago. It will be your job to make sure this fair exhibits only the most grad exhibits the world has ever seen! You’ll be gaining influence in five areas of interest and collecting exhibits to score reputation points.

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The game features art by Beth Sobel (Lanterns: The Harvest Festival) and graphic design by Adam McIver (artist for Gold West).

jessm Jess: I really loved Foxtrot’s previous game, Lanterns, so I shall eagerly anticipate World’s Fair 1893. Click here if you want to check out our thoughts on Lanterns: The Harvest Festival.

Back of Gen Con postcard for Worlds Fair 1893
Back of Gen Con postcard for Worlds Fair 1893

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