Richard Garfield’s Treasure Hunter Hits Kickstarter!


Queen Games is back on Kickstarter with their latest project, Treasure Hunter. The 2-6 player cardgame was designed by Richard Garfield, the mind behind Magic the Gathering and Ghooost!. The goal of the game is to grab as much treasure as you can in five rounds. You’ll get to form your intrepid team of treasure hunters in a card draft and then for each of the three seasons, everyone plays cards. There will be two treasures to compete for that will be randomly assigned to the ‘high’ side and ‘low’ side. To win the treasures you want to be the person with the highest value of played cards to take the high treasure and the lowest value of played cards to take the low treasure. Just be careful as there are some pesky goblins who want the treasure as well. You’ll have to chase them off with dogs to protect your loot.

Right now the Early Bird packages are still available. For a pledge of $45 or more
you get the Kickstarter special, which includes Treasure Hunter and the expansion, Goblin’s Loot.

jessmJess: Richard Garfield is a huge name in the industry and this looks like a fun and easy to play adventure game. Head on over to the Treasure Hunter Kickstarter page to learn more.

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