Champions of Midgard is Available for Pillage…I mean Preorder!


The new Viking themed worker-placement game, Champions of Midgard, by Grey Fox Games is coming out October 9th, 2015.  Designed by Ole Steiness, the 2-4 player game allows players to face off against monsters of Norse mythology in dice-driven battles. You’ll become the Jarl of a small harbor town and must organize your forces to collect supplies, build ships, and fight for survival.

“The combat is what sets this game apart from other games in the genre,” says Joshua Lobkowicz, Head of Game Development at Grey Fox Games. “It’s as approachable as Lords of Waterdeep but with the added thrill of rolling handfuls of Viking Warrior Dice in an attempt to kill awesome monsters.”

jessm Jess: Fox Games: Andrew has been all about worker placement games lately and I love the art design by Victor P. Corbella (Samurai Spirit, Dead Panic), so this one is an easy choice to pick up for us!

Champions of Midgard is currently available for preorder for $47.99

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