Preorder Survive: Space Attack! and Expnsions This Weekend!

Stronghold Games is opening up pre-orders for Survive: Space Attack!, Survive: Space Attack! The Crew Strikes Back, and Survive: Space Attack! 5-6 Player mini-expansion on Saturday, August 22nd.

Survive: Space Attack is a 2-4 player where everyone is trying to save their own butts after an alien attack on the Space Station Atlantis. Will you make it to an escape pod or don a space suit and throw yourself out the nearest hatch? It all depends on how well you deal with the aliens that cross your path.
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The other two preorders are for expansions to Survive: Space Attack. The Crew Strikes Back adds crew members with special powers to the game and the 5-6 Player mini-expansion is really self explanatory.

jessm Jess: Each game will be marked down 30% off the MSRP and shipping and Stronghold will only be accepting 500 total preorders per game so you’ll have to make sure to warp over to the pre-order page as soon as it opens up!

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