Play All Your Digital Board Games in One Place with Tabletopia!


More and more board games are being digitized as a way to allow users to play with their friends around the world. Tabletopia is looking to create a one-stop-shop for digital board gaming similar to a Kindle for books.

The program is currently on Kickstarter and promises to provide a virtual table for gaming on PC, Mac, iOS and Android, a database for matching players, an editor that will let you build your own games or port from standard graphics, and tools for publishers and authors to host their games. The program also offers some convenience such as automatic game set up (no more spending an hour setting up your ameritrash games). They also have intelligent counters that track things like victory points or resources, player turn controls (take that analysis paralysis), and custom play areas.


Currently the PC & Mac version is available for free online. Tabletopia will be coming to Steam in first quarter 2016 and to iOS & Android in second quarter 2016.

For a pledge of $10 or more, you’ll get full access to the open-beta game catalog one month before the general public, as well as Kickstarter-only demos, news, and updates.

jessm Jess: I am always talking about playing games with my friends in Texas, but we never quite ever figure out how to do it even though I have in-home IT support (sorry Andrew). Tabletopia seems like a fantastic way to take the hassle out of long distance gaming. I also play a ton of board games on my iPad, so having them all in one place would be awesome. I can’t wait to see how the finished product comes out!

Tabletopia has already surpassed their goal of $20,000, so it is only a matter of time before it becomes a reality. Check out more details on their Kickstarter page.

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