Skiers Beware: Avalanche at Yeti Mountain Hits Kickstarter Today!

aaymjessm  What do rocket skis, a Yeti, and a green couch have to do with each other? With their powers combined, they’ll Kickstart Avalanche at Yeti Mountain!

Matt Wolfe’s newest racing game, for 1 to 5 players, puts you in the boots of a few intrepid engineering students as they test their rocket skis on Yeti Mountain. Too bad there really is a Yeti! Each turn the players will play 1-2 cards from their hand which will set their speed down the mountain, but beware, if the total sum of all players cards exceeds the speed limit, then the player who played the highest card will crash and the others will move one space.

Mountain CardsYou can also engage your rocket jump if your card matches your current locations icon. Rocket jump allows you to jump to the next location card and start your movement from there. Rocket boots don’t just make you faster, they also hurry the avalanche! If the avalanche catches up to a player, then they are eliminated!


Avalanches are not the only danger. Did you forget the yeti? The yeti will move a number of spaces equal to the highest card played and if it reaches you, it’ll temporarily damage your rocket skis. Outrun the yeti and the avalanche and reach the bottom of the mountain first to win.

jessm Jess: I am usually not a fan of racing games, but this one seems simple and fun. Also, LOOK AT THAT YETI MEEPLE! I love custom meeples! Avalanche at Yeti Mountain went up on Kickstarter today. For a pledge of $16 or more you get 1 copy of Avalanche at Yeti Mountain and all the stretch goals. The game is expected to deliver in Apr 2016. Go take a look, just don’t wake up the yeti.

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