Cat Tower Kickstarter Ends Tomorrow!

Great googley moogley! There is only a short time left to catch the Cat Tower Kickstarter by IDW & Pandasaurus Games!


This mind-numbingly adorable dexterity game, for up to 6 players, has you stacking cats based on the rolls of a die, a giant CAT die that is.




Whomever gets rid of all their cats wins, but be careful to place your precarious pets with precision or else your kitty construction will crumble. There are also alternative rules for the game that have you stacking with speed. You’ll stack your cats as fast and possible and then balance a die on top. If your tower holds up after 5 seconds you win!


For a pledge of $20 or more you get 1 copy of Cat Tower! It comes with 42 stacking cats, 12 fatty cats, 16 fatty cats tokens, and 1 large cat die. The game is estimated to ship in February of 2016 and they have already unlocked all of their stretch goals including a few stacking dogs!

The Cat Tower Kickstarter ends Friday at 5pm EST so go pledge now!


Oh my, cats and dogs stacking together? Madness!
Oh my, cats and dogs stacking together? Madness!

jessm Jess: I cannot handle how cute this game is. I cannot wait until we can get a copy to review. Maybe if I mention to Andrew that there is a custom die…

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