“Best Damn Gaming Coins Ever – TWO!” Now on Kickstarter!

Artana is back on Kickstarter with their newest project: Best Damn Gaming Coins Ever – TWO! Their last BDGCE campaign was a raging success so they have come up with seven new designs including Mongol, Persian, Indian, Chinese, and Japanese coins. As part of this Kickstarter, you will also be able to get the original 13 sets from the previous campaign. There will be three different packages to choose from so that you can buy only the coins you are interested in. They are also offering some fun stretch goals including paper money, money featuring historical ladies, and some other surprises.

The Best Damn Gaming Coins Ever – TWO! campaign is running from now to October 9, 2015.
 Artana is expecting to deliver by May 2016 so grab your real money so you can buy this fake money pronto!

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