Meepillows: Assign A Worker to your Couch!

Not at all creepy!
Not at all creepy!

“The most exciting thing to happen to tabletop gaming since Wil Wheaton” – Meepillows.

Made by Topshelf-Fun, the huggable, squishable, and universally useful Meepillows is ending its Kickstarter run tomorrow! According to their infomercial, the Meepillow is the perfect solution to every problem you might encounter in your daily life!
(disclaimer: The Meepillow will probably not do anything of the sort)

jessm Jess: The video for this pillow killed me. I usually wait till the end of a news article to share, but you have to watch this right now. Go on, I’ll wait…

jessm Jess: See what I mean? Good job Topshelf-Fun!

Meepillows are extremely complicated builds that necessitate highly detailed blueprints.

For a pledge of $20 you get 1 15-inch plush Meepillow in a color of your choosing and Topshelf-Fun estimates delivery for November 2015. Backers will also get a certificate of Official Meepillow Guarantee.


Head on over to their Kickstarter Campaign and get yourself a Meepillow today! (just keep a wary eye on your husband lest the Meepillow steal him)

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