Roar-a-Saurus Review

Tap into your inner Godzilla, because today we review Roar-a-Saurus, the dinosaur battle game from designer Jack Darwid and Published by Indie Boards and Cards.

jessm Jess: RAWR!

andysm Andrew: KABOOM!

dianasm Diana: GRRR!

robsm Rob: Do I have to make the silly noises?

dianasmjessmandysm Everyone: YES!

These player mats are as adorable as their are fierce!

Roar-a-Saurus plays 2-5 people and is recommended for ages 8 and up. Being adults didn’t stop us from having a terrific time with it though. In “easy mode” all players roll their dice as fast as they can to match them to the symbols on their player mat. As soon as you fill one set of spaces, such as all the red dinosaur faces, you’ll get to do an action, but only if you make the dinosaur noise associated with the action. Rawrr and Grrrr attack opponents to the left or right, Awww heals you, Kaboom attacks all players. If you take damage you add a red token to your mat and once you have collected four damage tokens you are out.

jessm Jess: We are usually biased against games that have player elimination, but in this case, Roar-a-Saurus is so fast paced you don’t really get left out of the game for long.

The game also has a challenge mode which adds power -ups to the equation. When you roll three Awww symbols you place them on your player mat, shout “AWWW!” and the name of the power up you want, and then add it to your board. There are seven power-ups to choose from and, if you manage to fully deck out your dinosaur, you will have to shout out things like “GRRR ZING!” or AWWW MMMM!

A Dino fully loaded and ready for any-zing that comes its way.

All of the components are really high quality and I love the art style.

The custom dice are really awesome. Each one is engraved so no stickering required. Win!

The game is simple enough for kids to learn quickly and get excited about. I recently sent a copy to a Redditgifter to share with her son because he loves dinosaurs. They reported that the game was a huge hit! While Roar-a-Saurus is considered a kids game, it is light and fun enough for adults to pull out once and a while. I suspect out next game night is going to sound like a bunch of animals got loose in our apartment.
robsm Rob: I love the idea of giant dinosaurs fighting, but I still don’t see why we have to make the dinosaur sounds…
dianasm Diana: You know why?  Because GRRR ZING! You’re out! Now you can go back to playing Bios Megafauna.

You can pick up a copy of Roar-a-Saurus on sale now at Amazon for $18!

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