Garbage Day: The Game That Makes You Go Eww!


In Garbage Day by Mayday Games is a you and your friends are devious roommates with an aversion to taking out the garbage. This dexterity board game, for 2-5 players, makes you layer garbage higher and higher in a delicate balance of disgustingness. If the garbage heap falls, you’re stuck cleaning up the mess.

jessm Jess: I have had roommates play this game in real life. These is nothing like having to clean up spilled garbage juice. Eeewww…

garbage2To play Garbage Day, each player will get a hand of garbage cards. You’ll either have to carefully place your card on top of the others in the can or find a way to hide your garbage in your room or your opponents room. If you fill you room with garbage, you’ll be stuck taking it all out at once, so be careful. If a player tips over the garbage by accident, they lose and the last player to do so is the winner (and declared the worst roommate ever). The garbage can wins if everyone runs out of cards without them falling.

Garbage day is on Kickstarter right now. For $18 you get the standard version of the game in a Green Garbage Can and all unlocked stretch goals. Mayday expects to ship in March of 2016, so head on over and pledge to this delightfully disgusting game.

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