Explore the 7th Continent Sept 29th!

Next week, Serious Poulp, makers of Steam Torpedo and 8 Masters Revenge, is launching their new game, 7th Continent, on Kickstarter. This 1-4 player game is inspired by classic gamebooks and sets you on an adventure to explore a newly discovered continent. With hints of Jules Verne and H.P. Lovecraft, you’ll need to return cursed artifacts to the mysterious 7th Continent before it is too late!

The game is modular and as you play you will add tiles to build the board based on numbered Terrain and Event cards. There are no dice as all actions are card based. You’ll be crafting, hunting, fishing, and leveling up to ensure your survival. As the game has so much story to tell, Serious Poulp has added a system that allows you to easily put the game down and come back to it later without losing your progress.

jessm Jess: Yay for save points! I love narrative games, but sometimes I just don’t have 4 hours to plow into a board game. Having ways to save your progress for later is a big bonus for me.

The Kickstarter goes live September 29th and you’ll be able to pick the game up in both English and French editions. There will be 2 pledge levels: Survivor and Explorer. Survivor gets you the base game and explorer includes the game plus 3 expansion packs.


You can read more about 7th Continent at

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