Tales of the Caribbean: A Cthulhlian RPG Supplement Hits Kickstarter

jessmJess: Usually we only cover board games here on Gameosity, but I’ll let you in on a poorly kept secret: We are also big on tabletop roleplaying! Our good friends over at Golden Goblin Press, having already published several awesomely spooky Lovecraftian adventures, are currently running a Kickstarter to summon forth more Cthulhu mythos mayhem, this time with a distinct Caribbean flair.

If chilling lore and spine-tingling scenarios are your thing, check out Tales of the Caribbean!

Tales of the Caribbean is Golden Goblin’s 4th Kickstarter, and the 3rd book in their Tales series. The game supplement is location-specific and contains scenarios based in Cuba, Trinidad, St. Vincent, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas, set in the Jazz era of the 1920’s and early 1930’s. Additionally, they have some Kickstarter-exclusive bonus scenarios set in Jamaica, as well as stretch goal scenarios set in Haiti and Monserrate.

Golden Goblin places an real emphasis on the importance of location in the telling of these mythos stories, wanting the locale to be (in the words of Oscar Rios, GGP founder) “a co-star to the scenarios…we try to tell stories so bound to the locations that the couldn’t be told, could not even occur, anywhere else in the world.”

andysmAndrew:  As a roleplayer, I find that philosophy really awesome.  Generic fantasy or horror scenarios are cool, but GGP’s emphasis on the essence of locale means their stories come across richer and more vividly than they otherwise might.  I’ve gamed with Oscar, and his commitment to his craft is undeniable.

jessmJess:  You might even say he Loves his craft.  See what I-


Tales of the Caribbean looks like it will be absolutely packed with details, cultural references, era-appropriate language, thematic artwork, and campaign-linked scenarios, along with all the NPCs and mythos monsters needed to bring them to life.  Or unlife.  Or squid-life, or whatever it is that mythos creatures have.  Tentacles.

In addition to Tales of the Caribbean, the Kickstarter also features some cool add-on items like other Golden Goblin books and mysterious idols!


Golden Goblin Press is a small company, but they put out some quality product. For a pledge of $25 you get a PDF of Tales of the Caribbean and all digital stretch goal bonus items or you can up your pledge to $45 for a physical copy of the book. Go check out the Tales of the Caribbean Kickstarter before it ends on October 10th!

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