Aliens Attack in Flatlined Games’ Argo, Now on Kickstarter!

argoFight for your life in Argo, a survival style tile-laying game from Flatlined Games. The 2-4 player game starts with the premise that everyone is a space miner who has just woken up from hibernation to find their rig has been attacked by man eating aliens. All players must compete to see who can get into the escape pods and who will become a tasty alien snack.

jessm Jess: Argo sounds like it has an interesting mix of cooperative and competitive gameplay. You’ll have to work together to get out, but at some point someone is going to get thrown to the aliens because there are not enough escape pods for everyone. You’ll be moving from tile to tile, literally pushing your fellow astronauts out of the way in a desperate race to save your own life.


Argo features some fantastic illustrations by Miguel Coimbra (Small World, 7 Wonders, Dragon Rage) and Alexandre De La Serna. For a pledge of €30 (around $34 USD + shipping), you get 1 copy of the game and all unlocked stretch goals with an expected ship date in June 2016. You can get more details at the Argo Kickstarter page.

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