Get Egyptian and Celtic Heroes for Game-O-Gami’s Immortal on Kickstarter!

There are 6 days to go on Game-O-Gami’s newest Kickstarter project featuring the Egyptian and Celtic expansion for Immortal. The x-pac adds 36 new characters which means 50% more cards, artwork, and gameplay. This project has a pretty cool twist: it also functions as a stretch goal for the previous Immortal Kickstarter project. That means, if this project succeeds then it will be added to every copy of the game when it releases next year.

jessm Jess: So you might ask yourself, what do I get for backing if everyone is going to get this expansion any way? Well, Game-O-Gami has created a really pretty playing card set based on the art from the game.


For a pledge of $15 (or $12 if you are a previous backer for the main game)you get one set of cards. For $45 you can get the original game plus promo cards. There are also a ton of add-on items like Limited Edition Promo Cards, Limited Edition Roman Pantheon, a Mirror-Match Cards set, An Art Book of Myths and Legends, and more playing cards.

This Kickstarter won’t be around for long, so head on over to the Egyptian and Celtic expansion for Immortal page and pledge now!

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