Moe Blaze Brings Their Fist Game, Yokai Battle, to Kickstarter!

Yokai Battle is French publisher Moe Blaze’s first foray into publishing board games. The game lets players learn about Japanese folklore through a tactical, area-control card game. 2-4 Players use their summoned monsters to vie for control over five terrain cards. There are 22 monsters to play with and each has its own set of jutsu (powers).
Each player will create a board from tiles based on the number of players. Then the terrain will be laid out randomly. Players must summon monsters to conquer a terrain a terrain tile and the first player to get five wins. Of course other monsters will attack to try to win the tile from its owner. Monsters have strong and weak sides, so how you position your monster is extremely important, lest you end up with a powerful opponent at your back!

The Kickstarter includes an exclusive 72 action card expansion, which breaks down to 4 decks of 18 action cards. The actions include traps, which stops your enemies from summoning their monsters or handing you control of their monster, spells that affect monsters, and equipment for your monsters that grant them extra abilities.

If you are really thrilled with the art of the game, Moe Blaze is offering an art book as an add-on.


jessm Jess: I’m a fan of Japanese art and folklore, so this game hits a lot of the right buttons for me. Considering it is a 20-30 minute game it seems just right to bring along to a game night for in between larger games. For a pledge around $23 USD you’ll get 1 copy of Yokai Battle and all the unlocked stretch goals with free shipping for the US. Go check out the Yokai Battle Kickstarter now to get your own copy!

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