Dead of Winter Crossroads Cards App Coming October 31st!


This Halloween you can count on a real treat from Plaid Hat Games. Their awesome hidden traitor, zombie game, Dead of Winter, is getting an app that will handle the crossroads cards mechanic for you. Because the app can hide information until you make a decision, you won’t know what effect your choice will have until it is too late!

jessm Jess: New to the game? Have no idea what I’m all excited about? Check out our review of Dead of Winter!

Store_screen3 Store_screen4

The app also allow you to include or exclude mature content or co-op cards and the whole thing is narrated by Eric Summerer, who is known for his work in The Dice Tower, Metal Slug 3D, Childhood’s End Audio Book, and more. This should add some super cool atmosphere to your games!  The app will be available for iOS and Android devices. Come Halloween, everyone here at Gameosity is going to be struggling to survive the frozen, zombie infested landscape of Dead of Winter!

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