Protect Your Sheep! Check Out the Wolf & Hound Kickstarter Today!


Designed by Fukutarou and illustrated by Matsuda 98, Ninja Star Games’ Wolf & Hound is a short cooperative game about protecting your flock of sheep from a hungry wolf. In this 2- 4 player game you will play cards to control the movement of either the wolf or the hound. The object of the game is to chase away your opponents sheep before they can chase away yours. If a wolf is prowling around your sheep they will scatter and you will lose one. If you put the hound in your pasture, you can recover lost sheep.This game is actually a remake of Fukutarou’s Tamamooool: Defend the Egg.


This is Ninja Star’s second remake. The first being The Majority Complete Edition. Both games were originally create in Japanese and are now being remade by Ninja Star in order to bring them to a wider audience.

jessm Jess: I love the art for Wolf & Hound. Matsuda 98 uses adorable chibi style art to bring a sense of whimsy to the game. The game looks super light and fun. I can totally see it as either a filler game or the kind of game families can enjoy.

For a pledge of $24 you’ll get the basic edition of Wolf & Hound with all unlocked stretch goals. You can expect to see it shipping out some time in May 2016. Go check out the Wolf & Hound Kickstarter today and have a howling good time.

(I’m so sorry about the pun. I can’t help myself.)

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