Calliope Games Is Ready for the Holiday Season With 12 Days!


Calliope Games has announced that their new printing of the Christmas-themed trick-taking card game, 12 Days, is coming out just after Thanksgiving! The game was designed by James Ernest and Mike Selinker and illustrated by Echo Chernik and was featured on a special Christmas episode of Wil Wheaton’s TableTop.

“Today we’re here to save you from that awkward family dinner with a pair of delightful games that are simple to learn, quick to play, and accessible to everyone from little kids to cynical adults,” -Wil Wheaton.


Players will be bidding on the 12 Days leading up to Christmas with the items the song is famous for drummers drumming, pipers piping, maids a milking, and so on. The deck has a number of each card type based on the number of items in that gift, so for example, there are five cards of “five golden rings” and only one card of “A partridge in a pear tree”. The rarer the card, the more it is worth. Each day you bid on will be worth a number of points and at the end of the game, whoever has the most points wins!

jessm Jess: I love the holidays! Calliope has made this version of 12 Days extra special with upgraded components, easier to read rules, a sturdier box, and linen-finish cards. I think this could easily be a great stocking stuffer or family game to play leading up to Christmas. Just make sure you don’t play with a sore loser or you might end up with coal in your stocking.

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