Shoot for the Moon! Lunarchitects Lands on Kickstarter!


What’s better than building snowmen for the holidays? Building MOONBASES! 

Lunarchitects is a 1-5 player game were you and your friends compete to see who can build the most successful moonbase. The game is a reimagining of Glen More, Iron Kitten Games says there are plenty of new things to keep it feeling fresh.

In Lunarchitects you collect blueprints to build your moon base by moving a pawn around a circular queue of tiles. Whomever is in last place always goes first, so skipping ahead to get a choice tile might mean you miss out on more blueprints and vice versa. you get four rounds to score as many points possible and whoever ends with the most points wins.


jessm Jess: Our good pal Rob will enjoy the fact that he can play this game solo and I am always a big fan for anything where I can guild stuff. Perhaps while everyone is playing Risk Legacy, I’ll be building my moon base in the sky. Then I shall reign down my space fire upon the unsuspecting forces and DOMINATE THE WORLD!…Sorry. I got a little carried away there.

The game has some really nice meeples and a fancy organizer box. Check out the gif on that thing!


You can score a copy of Lunarchitects a pledge of $35. It comes with all stretch goals and free shipping to the US. So strap on your moon boots and head over to the Lunarchitects Kickstarter.


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