Welcome to Gameosity 2.0


When we started Gameosity, we had big plans, big aspirations, and…like, no experience doing anything like this.  So we did some research, carefully selected the hosting and resources we thought we needed, and then started generating content, fiendishly channeling our board game adoration into our new site.

And then we discovered we couldn’t really use widgets.  Or plugins.  Or customizations.


andysmAndrew:  Yeah, I did go a little Angry Panda at that point.

Despite that, we decided to focus on what we love (being unable to shut up about board games), and have had a great year sharing our thoughts with you guys.

But thanks to Webmistress Jessica and a few days worth of serious effort, we present, Gameosity 2.0!  The visual tweaks should make the site friendlier to navigate and it opens the door for lots of improvements we have only dreamed of!


So please excuse us while we settle in, but thank you for all your support over the past year.  We’ve still got big plans and big aspirations, and now we’ve got the tools to make them happen!

Until then, we love all your faces!

Stay tuned!

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