There Are 9 Days Left to Raid The Banner Saga Warbands on Kickstarter!

The Original Banner Saga is a video game that got its start on Kickstarter and launched in 2014. The game has been a huge success with fans and has won multiple awards. Now Megacon Games has turned this mobile game into a cooperative game for 1 to 4 players.

Each player will control one of the warband roles: Warmaster, Thane, Quartermaster, and Keeper of Names. Once you’ve doffed your viking helm, it is time to take on a mission. If your warband manages to achieve their goal, by reaching their destination and resolving a camp action without disbanding, they win! Happy vikings all around!

jessm Jess: The minis for this game look pretty badass. Just look at those stone guards!
Image Credit Megacon Games

For a $80 or more you’ll get The Banner Saga Warbands board game and all the physical stretch goals plus the Kickstarter exclusive Warband miniature.

Megacon Games is looking to ship in 

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