Magnetic Poetry + Dice + NC17 = Dirty Words

dianasmFull disclosure, I’m not a teenager anymore, nor am I a college student. Though I am in love with LEGO, play board games, and watch cartoons I’m still an adult in my 30s, and so are my friends. Because of this, when games of a specific genre come across our table this is the typical reaction:

dianasmDiana – Hey Andrew, I’ve got a new dice game for us to check out.

andysmAndrew – Excellent, I’m in!

dianasmDiana – It’s called Dirty Words.

andysmAndrew – I’m out.

dianasmDiana – Wait, where are you going? Hello? Come back!

Let's get this mildly dirty party started!
Let’s get this mildly dirty party started!

Not to say that these are BAD games – just that my group and I may be the wrong audience.

Dirty Words is a simple game to play: you roll a set of twenty-three dice that have been printed with a mix of nouns, verbs, and suggestive words, then attempt to piece together sentences to earn points. You have three minutes to be as creative as you can. Longer sentences earn more points, using all the dice earns more points, etc. There’s good humor to be found here as the players piece together strings of words talking about sex and the like, but in the wrong setting it all just falls flat.

We tested Dirty Words out as a group and snickered a bit as we constructed lines such as : “Your lips rammed into my ear” and “I can spread your moist desire.” Or a simple “Slide that thing.” But after about three minutes we kind of lost interest, shrugged, and moved onto the next game.

"Tickle the meat." Wait, what?
“Tickle the meat.” Wait, what?

Now if I was in the market for a dirty little game to play at a frat or a bachelorette party, this would totally be the one to pick up. The rules are simple and would be easy to teach to even the tipsiest of groups. In the right setting, points wouldn’t even be all that important as drunkenly trying to figure out how to use a sentence like “Whip them juicy deep co-ed kisses” in everyday life would be plenty of fun by itself.

If you’re looking for a party game to add to the beer pong mix or if you live in a frat house, then definitely check Dirty Words out. If you’re a serious board gamer looking to add an ice breaker to the mix, you should probably give it a pass.

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