The Massive Endure the Stars Kickstarter is Almost Over!

Cue the epic music people, this is one big space-survival game. Endure the Stars is Grimlord Games’ first title. In this 1-6 player cooperative game, player are a group of human colonists trapped on their ship with horrible creatures of their own design. Each game, players will try to gather resources, killing enemies, and fulfilling their mission, all while avoiding getting eaten.

This game is huge. In the base set you’ll be getting: 9 Double sided game tiles, 77 miniatures, 8 dice, 130 cards, 86 tokens, 6 character dashboards, and 1 Titan dashboard.


jessm Jess: The kickstarter campaign is also offering a ton of add-ons and stretch goal content that include more minis, tiles, and dice. My mind is actually boggled at how they are going to fit all this in a box. Will they include a complimentary shoehorn?

Considering the amount of stuff that is packed into this game and the quality of the minis and art, it is no wonder that it is toting a pledge price of around $91. That level will get you 1 copy of the Endure the Stars core game and all unlocked stretch goals. You’ll have to pay for shipping separately. Time is ticking down on this kickstarter, so if you are interested in a mega-goliath of a survival game, go check out Endure the Stars now!

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