Behold! The Brettspiel-Adventskalender 2015!

The 2015 Brettspiel-Adventskalender has started releasing their rules for their daily presents! If you are one of the lucky fans who has found a copy, you can check back here daily to find out what your new expansion does for your games. We picked up our copy at BGG Con and I couldn’t be happier…or weirder.

Seriously, I know I was excited, but what is that face I am making?
Seriously, I know I was excited, but what is that face I am making?

We won’t spoil anything ahead of time, but we will post every day about what we’ve gotten from it!

Remember to check back daily for your next set of rules!

Day 1: Catan
Day 2: Fields of Arle
Day 3:Day 3: Colt Express
Day 4: Las Vegas
Day 5: Bohnanza
Day 6: Looney Quest
Day 7: Doctor panic
Day 8: Rococo
Day 9: Zooloretto
Day 10: Orleans
Day 11: Glass Road
Day 12: Targi
Day 13: Abyss
Day 14: Viva Java
Day 15: Wizard
Day 16: Splendor
Day 17: Cacao
Day 18: Zhanguo

Day 19: Marvel Dice Masters
Day 20: The Castles of Burgundy
Day 21: El Gaucho
Day 22: Isle of Skye
Day 23: Carcassonne: Winter Edition
Day 24: Power Grid

Day 1: Catan

“Santa needs wool for his new coat and the coats of his elves. If you give Santa Claus wool on your turn, you may move him to a hex on the island of Catan. Once he arrives on the hex, he gives the settlers Christmas gifts and may even chase away the robber! This variant is suitable as an add-on for up to 6 players and all expansions that include the robber.” -Frostedgames


You can download the full set of rules here.

Day 2: Fields of Arle

This expansion gives you access to the Peat-Fired Brickwork, Peat Power Plant, and Coach-and-Four.

  • The Peat-Fired Brickwork costs 1 Timber and 1 Brick and gives you the ability to exchange 1 Clay and 1 Peat for 1 Brick per shovel you have.
  • The Peat Power Plant costs 3 Timber, 3 Bricks and 15 Food. It lets you remove any number of Moor Tiles from your Home Board once. Each tile removed gives you 2 Food.
  • The Coach-and-Four is one bad-ass big vehicle. It costs 3 Wood and 4 Horses. The upgraded version will run you 5 Wood and 4 Horses. it has a Triple Space for Vehicle Actions (bigger version: 1 additional Single Space and 10 points). Triple Space cannot hold tiles that are smaller than the space. if you have the upgraded cart you can cover both the Triple and Single Space with one size 4 tile!


You can download the full set of rules here.

Day 3: Colt Express

This tile is a round card. It shows a tunnel on the third turn and at the end of the game, each Bandit has to give his highest purse to the elves (the bank) so that Santa has more money to make present for good children.

(Note to self: Do not be a bad kid. You’ll grow up to become a bandit and have all your ill-gotten loot stolen by elves.)


You can check out the full set of rules here.

Day 4: Las Vegas

Santa Claus needs money to get all the good kids of the world presents. To try his luck at make some big bucks, Santa is donning his Elvis costume an headed to Las Vegas. The new tile is just like an extra casino except that dice placed on the slot machine can show any number, 1-6. The next person to place can place all their dice of one number so long as it does not match the dice that are already there. So if Santa places dice showings 1’s on the slot machine, Bob the elf can only place a set of dice of values 2-6.  When scoring, just like other casinos, whoever placed the most dies gets the highest banknote and players collect in descending order. If there is a tie, the player who placed the most dice of the higher value gets the money.
must be different than the numbers already on the slot machine.


You can see the full rules here.

Day 5: Bohnanza

This expansion for Bohnanza adds 48 Quarter Bean Dollars (QBDs) for the Bean Market. When setting up each player receive QBDs based on the play order. 1st and 2nd players get 2. 3rd and 4th get 3 and the 5th player gets 4 QBDs. The rest of the QBDs create a bank and during any time a player can exchange 1 bean dollar for 4 QBDs.

Take five cards from the draw pile and put them in the bean market face up. The front card will be the one farthest from the draw pile and any time on your turn you can buy 1 card from the market. The cards cost a value based on their position. 1st card costs 1 QBD, the second card is 2 QBDs, and so on.

When “Trading and Donating” you can trade your buy action to another player. This player must immediately use it. Buy those beans!

When you buy a card from the bean market, you have to plant it immediately. I said plant it!

Cards are restocked as soon as one is purchased from the market. The remaining cards move up.

You can check out the offical rules here.


Day 6: Looney Quest

Santa has a lot of presents to deliver fast! That’s why he has taken up skiing.

This card comes with 1 alternative score token, 1 alternative character token, and 4 bonus “Ski” tokens.  During the scoring step, if you have a Ski token, you may discard it and move your token behind the opponent in front of you. This gives you a quick way to catch up in the game.


You can check out the offical rules here.

Day 7: Doctor Panic

Santa Claus tried to deliver too many games at once this year and sprained his back. Help Santa and save Christmas for gamers everywhere!

Santa Claus is an exclusive and limited edition patient for Doctor Panic.


You can find out more about your new patient in the official rules here.

Day 8: Rokoko

Santa has brought beautiful dresses and suits to the people of Rokoko! This expansion comes with 4 new festive outfits for the holidays. After you have completed phase 1 of the first round, you will add the Festivity Dresses to the Dress tiles in the bag. The festive outifts are crafted the same as any other dress, but you can’t sell them. These outifts are gifts after all! Once you finish making your suit or dress you get the Prestige Points and place the tile.

The full rules are here.

Day 9: Zooloretto

Santa Claus is visiting the zoo this year and he happened to bring the zookeeper a new animal: The skunk! The other animals might be put off by the skunk’s particular perfume, so it might just be your chance to change up your zoo.

This expansion Expansion is for 2 to 5 players. To play, place the Skunk enclosure face-up in the middle of the table. The first player to fill their 6-space gets the Skunk as a bonus. Once per game, the owner of the skunk may pay 2 coins to discard all tiles of one animal type from their barn as an additional action. All other players may then pay 1 coin to the bank to purchase 1 of the discarded tiles and add it to their zoo.


you can see the rest of the rules here.

Day 10: Orleans

Santa Claus needs to relax, so he is taking a leisurely stroll through the Christmas market. To play with the market you will need a six sided die. When you use the market, roll the die and get items based on this chart.
1 = Take 1 grain.
2 = Take 1 Cheese
3 = Take 1 Wine
4 = Take 1 Wool
5 = Take 1 Brocade
6 = Move your merchant to an adjacent town and collect 1 good on the way (if there is one).


Check out the full rules here.

Day 11: Glass Road

After checking out the market in Orleans, Santa is visiting the Black Forest. This expansion comes with 4 tiles.
Rebuild: Immediately place this building on top of one of the Start buildings “Forest Glassworks” or “Brotherhood of the Masons”. The Rebuild is worth 3 points. (You cannot place it on top of an another upgrade of those Start buildings).

Stockade: 4 points if you have no empty spaces left on your Landscape board at the end of the game. (In other words, each space must contain a building, landscape, or forest—the three Start buildings are considered buildings and do not need to be upgraded for this).

Christmas Market: 1 point per Bonus building on your Landscape board (including the Start buildings).

Image Credit: HedgeWizzard/BGG

Guest House; When you build the Guesthouse, immediately use a Processing building on the Building board (i.e. one of the buildings in the first row of the Building board that has not been built yet). You can use the chosen Processing building any number of times. Once you finish using it, you cannot use it again unless you build it.

You can check out the pdf of the rules here

Day 12: Targi

Christmas is coming to the desert! This expansion comes with 8 Action tokens: 2 Joker goods tokens, 2 Targi tokens (1 each in blue and white), 2 Tribe marker tokens (1 each in blue and white), and 2 Waiver tokens.
Each player receives a set of 4 different Action tokens. They get to keep 3 and discard the last. Players reveal their token and place them near the material they received at the beginning of the game. Each Action token can only be used once.

Joker goods token
Use anytime as 1 good of his/her choice (dates, salt,pepper).

Targi token
A player may place their Targi token on any free Border card. The player executes the action of this Border card. Both players may use the same Targi card.

Tribe marker token
A player may place his/her Tribe marker token on any free intersection, which is on an unbroken direct line from the Robber and also one of his Targi figures.
The player executes the action of this card. Both players may use the same Targi card. You cannot move your own Tribe marker onto the card which is marked by a Tribe marker token, nor move the Tribe token itself with the help of the Fata Morgana.

Image Credit: Ted Marshall/BGG

Waiver token
A player may choose to not take the benefit of his/her played Tribe card. If they do so, the player receives 2 additional victory points at the end of the game for this card. Place the Waiver token on this Tribe card.

You can see the rest of the rules here and you can buy Targi from Cool Stuff Inc.

Day 13: Abyss

Santa visits everyone this time of year. Even sea monsters! He has delved into the deepest depths to bring Christmas cheer to the darkest reaches. This expansion includes the Key Monster tokens.
To use, shuffle the Key Monster tokens with the rest of the Monster tokens. When a player draws a Key Monster token he puts it open in front of him. It counts as key to take control of Locations.
You can get the full rule sheet here.

Day 14: Viva Java

Santa is going to need a hearty cup of coffee to get through all of his deliveries. He’s bringing a handful of new coffees to his favorite cafe to get a
extra special cup of Joe. This tiles comes with 4 new tokens for the alternative research coaster which comes in the Viva Al Gusto expansion.

  • Sweetener Scandal Score! (INSTANT-KAFFEE) Return a Flavor Die to the supply to force another player to discard their Blend.
  • Creamer (ABER BITTE MIT SAHNE!) Gain a Token. On another player’s Roll, return a Token to force that player to re-roll all their dice. No abilities may be used to further affect this roll this turn.
  • Lukewarm(MUCKEFUCK!) Gain a Token. Return a Token to the supply to force another player to degrade their Featured Blend by one bean.
  • Ability Swap (HÜTCHENSPIELER)Gain a Token. Return a Token to the supply to swap the location of two Ability Discs on the Main Coaster. (Cannot be used to swap with Re-Roll)

vivaYou can get the full rules here and you can buy the game on the Dice Hate Me website.

Day 15: Wizard

Santa Claus usually stays out of the middle of wizard’s duels, but this year he and three of his holiday compatriots have joined the fun. This expansion comes with four replacement wizrds.

You may play with the normal rules or with the Christmas Variant “Eight Wizards”.
To play the variant, shuffle the Christmas wizards into the deck. If you are playing in the season leading up to Christmas, the holiday wizards are extra powerful and always beat regular wizards. The last Christmas wizard to be played in each trick wins it.

The pdf of the rules is here.

Day 16: Splendor

Santa visiting the gem cutters to get a little help crafting his wonderful gifts. This expansion adds a new noble to the game. He works like all the other nobles. Fulfill his request and get points.


You can get the full rules here.

Day 17: Cacao

What is winter without hot cocoa? Santa has dropped by to show his cocoa suppliers a new market and uncover a golden temple!
The Big Market
During set up replace 1 market tile (price 3) with the big market and lay the jungle tiles out as a face-down jungle draw pile. To use the big market, for each of your activated workers on the adjacent edge of the tile, you may sell 1 cacao fruit from your storage at the price of 5 gold.

The Golden Temple
During set up replace 1 temple tile with the golden temple and lay the jungle tiles out as a face-down jungle draw pile. The golden temple only affects the end of the game scores. At the end of the game the player who has the most workers adjacent to the respective temple receives 8 gold from the bank. The player with the second most adjacent workers obtains 1 gold.


For more info on this expansion go here.

Day 18: Zhanguo

Santa goes all around the world for the holidays. Even the far east! To use this expansion add these steps to set-up.
Step 9. Shuffle the new Wall tile with the Wall tiles of the base game. Then randomly choose 1 Wall tile and put it back into the box (it won’t be used for the rest of the game). All other rules still apply.
Step 10. Shuffle each of the three new Task tiles with ones from the base game with the same backs. All other rules still apply (except there are now 5 tiles for each type, and 3 of them won’t be needed). During play (at the end of their turn), the player can announce that they have completed a task. The tasks are:

  • The sum of the rods depicted on the slots where he has Walls, is at least 7.
  • He has at least 4 Palaces on the gameboard (regardless of the Region).
  • He has at least 3 Governors in the same Region. All other rules still apply.

At the end of the game (according to the position of their Wall), the player receives:

  • 2, 3, or 4 VP for each Region of his player board where there are at least 2 Officials (regardless of their colors).
  • 2, 3, or 4 VP for each Region of his player board where there is at least 1 Worker.


To see the rules explained further, go here.

Day 19: Marvel Dice Masters

Santa Claus has a new plan for how to deliver the down each chimney. He has enlisted the help of Hawkeye and his trusty bow and arrow, to shoot gifts into each home. This expansion is a participation promo from the Avengers Disassembled Organized Play event. You can get hawkeye’s dice in Avengers vs. X-Men boosters. Once per turn, during your Main Step, you may knock out a Hawkeye die you control. If you do, you may deal damage equal to his attack divided any way you choose to your opponent’s characters.

You can find the English rules here.

Day 20: The Castles of Burgundy

Santa has arrived at the beautiful countryside of Burgundy. He helps people construct new convents, which helps make the land more valuable. This expansion adds the Cloisters.
Each round, place one cloister (in place of a black-backed tile) onto the central black depot. A cloister can be bought for 2 Silverlings and is then placed onto an empty storage space in the bottom left-hand corner of the player’s board. Owned cloisters can be placed onto an empty space in the player’s estate that is adjacent to at least one previously placed tile and that matches the number on the player’s die. Cloisters do not have powers. they just help complete a region.

You can check out the full rules here.

Day 21: El Gaucho

You can bet Santa Claus is bring presents to everyone, including animals! He has brought the herd of El Guacho special feed that will make them extra special. To use this expansion, you may use one of your dice, during your turn, to pick up a feedbag. When selling your herd, you can add up to 2 feedbags to increase their value. Each feedbag will increase the value of the most valuable Cattle Tile in the Herd by 1.
The full rules are located here.

Day 22: Isle of Skye

Santa has set sail for the Scottish coast. He’ll be helping them figure out who should be the new king. This expansion comes with 2 new tiles.
1. 3 VPs for each horizontal line of at least 3 contiguous landscape tiles in the clan territory.
2. You receive VPs for one of your scrolls (the amount of VPs depends on the specific scroll). If the scroll is in a completed area, you receive double the VPs for it.


You can see the full rules here.

Day 23: Carcassonne: Winter Edition

Strange corn circles are appearing in the Carcassonne region and driving the people there to do strange things. This expansion comes with 6 new landscape tiles with corn circles.
When you draw a corn circle tile, place is as normal. Then choose an action for all players to do, starting with the player on you left:
A) place a follower from his supply on a tile where he already has a follower
B) remove a follower from a tile and return it to his supply.

The type of feature affected by A or B is determined by the corn tile image:
The pitchfork represents farmers in the fields.
The club represents thieves on the roads.
The shield represents knights in the cities.


To see the full rules, click here.

Day 24: Power Grid

Santa Claus is in his last lap of present deliveries. Now he is making sure all the Christmas lights of the world keep shining! He’s providing free electricity to the masses!

This card includes the High-Voltage DC Transmission Passage C expansion.With this expansion you are building a transmission line. The transmission line makes it so you do not have to pay connection costs anymore between Cuxhaven and Stuttgart. After you collect taxes, if there is enough money left,you build the highest priced transmission
line you can. If you can still afford another one, you build the next line down and so so and so on. The cost of the line depends on the # of players. For example: Mannheim to Stuttgart with 2 players will cost 6 Elektro and with 3 players, 12 Elektro. Place the matching tile onto the connection between both cities. Building the connection costs between both cities are now reduced to 0 Elektro.


For a full breakdown of the rules and charts for prices go here.

Did you buy the Brettspiel-Adventskalender? What do you think are behind the mysterious little doors? Let us know in the comments below.

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