Deception: Murder in Hong Kong Coming Soon from Grey Fox Games!

Grey Fox Games has announced the retail release for Deception: Murder in Hong Kong! it will be available in stores December 14th, 2015. The game is a reimplementation of CS-Files by Jolly Thinkers and has been upgraded and improved! In Deception, 4-12 players investigate a murder case. Unfortunately for them, one of the players is actually the murderer. That person will intentionally mislead the others in an effort to get away with their devious crime…

The game will be offered at $39.99 MSRP and Grey Fox Games is encouraging everyone to pre-order the game in advance of its release from their favorite retailers.  And given how quickly Grey Fox’s last big game, Champions of Midgard got bought up, that’s probably not a bad idea.

jessmJess: We took a quick look at Deception while we were at BGG Con and it looks absolutely fantastic! I really like that they went with a Hong Kong feel instead of the usual Victorian murder mystery or similar ideas. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy! Will I be the investigator or the murderer? Only time will tell… MWAHAHAHA!

Can’t wait for more Grey Fox Games?  Check out Conquest of Speros and check back with us as our review of Champions of Midgard will be coming out soon!

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