Save the Colony with BrilliAnts! On Kickstarter now!

Sphere Games has re-launched its 1 to 5 player family-friendly game BrilliAnts at a reduced price, with better stretch goals! In the game you control an Ant Colony who is preparing for the harsh winter by stocking up on valuable resources and expanding their territory.  Of course, being tiny ants, you are going to have to face some mighty predators like the worm, the grasshopper, and the spider.


jessm Jess: Hmmm…spiders. Nope, nope, nope. Andrew! Come save me!

BrilliAnts is designed for 1-5 players, ages 8+ so it can be enjoyed by the whole family. There is a solo version of the game where you race against the Predators to score the most points possible. BrilliAnts is an area control game where players will try to fulfill their colony’s goals while expanding their influence. It comes with 4 differing levels of complexity so if you are playing with kids (or simply people who don’t want to be jerks), you can cut-out some of the more harsh player vs. player rules. The game also uses an interesting day/night cycle where players can only move all of their ants once during the day and once during the night. The weather changes with the cycle as well, so your strategy must change with the setting of the sun.

To get your copy, you can pledge about $37 USD. It includes all stretch goals and you can add-on more, up to 2 more copies to your pledge with no extra shipping charges! The game is set to deliver in August 2016, so put down your can of Raid and check out this delightful Kickstarter right now!

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