Board Game Comics

Looking to amuse yourself between games? Check out these fun board game comics! You can also find some shorter comics on our Pinterest page. The comic above is from Penny Arcade, a comic which usually covers video games, but occasionally graces us with some awesome board game humor.

Up To 4 Players

Up to 4 Players is created by Aviv Or and Eran Aviram, two Israeli gamers who moved to London and love to game. Aviv is an awesome artist and Eran’s humor is spot on. I was super excite to find this comic recently. Check out Up to 4 Players here.

NPC Comic

This comic includes video games as well as table top games and a few meeple eating kitty cats. NPC comic is created by Mary Varn, an animator from NYC. This particular panel reminds me alot of playing games here at the Gameosity office. Andrew is very serious about the no eating at the table rule. Give NPC Comic a read here.


Semi Co-Op

Rachel Kremer and Heinze Havinga are a board gaming couple who has turned their passion into a comic. So many of their jokes hit home just like the comic below. I know we have about 20-100 empty bead organizers and fishing lure boxes laying around just waiting to be filled with board game components. We have so many in fact that Amazon believes we are avid fishermen and tried to get us to buy rods and wading boots every month. Check out Semi Co-op here.


Do you know of other cool gaming comics? Let us know in the comments below!

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