6 Days of Holiday Regifting!

Gameosity HQ’s shelves overfloweth with amazing games and this holiday season we want to share them with you!  Below you will find a link to our raffle – enter for a chance to win a random assortment of gently used games!  Nothing would make us happier than to take up the tried-and-true holiday tradition of regifting and share our bounty with you!

robsmRob:  That isn’t exactly what’s happening…

dianasmDiana:  Look, our shelves absolutely do overfloweth, right?

andysmAndrew:  Yeah, but-

jessmJess:  And you do want to keep getting new games, right?

robsmRob:  Of course! But-

dianasmDiana:  Boys, we’re out of room!  We did a whole article on this!

andysmAndrew:  I know, I know, but can’t we, like, buy another shelf?  You like Ikea, right Jess?  Meatballs and bookshelves?

jessmJess:  I love Ikea.  We all love Ikea.  But we’re not just out of shelves, we’re out of walls…Rob, are you ok?

robsmRob:  I know they have to leave, I just need to know they are going to a better place.

dianasmDiana:  I’m sure they will be happy where they’re going.  Lots of room to run around, lots of other games to play with…

andysmAndrew:  …Yeah, I think it will be ok.  And besides, this just makes room…for more…

jessmJess:  You know it!

This month we are giving away 6 prize packs to our lucky fans. Each pack will include games from our own library. Yes they are open, but they have had Andrew’s obsessively protective hands watching over them. Diana also donated the original paintings from our Augusthulhu month! There may be a few extra things tossed in as it gets closer to Christmas, so enter now! We will announce a winner each day leading up to Christmas (12/20-12/25). The last winner will be announced Christmas day!

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One thought on “6 Days of Holiday Regifting!

  • December 9, 2015 at 1:58 pm

    Don’t forget, you have pretty high ceilings. There’s so much untapped potential for a crafty carpenter!


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