Ancient D14 Game Found in Chinese Tomb!

jessmKeeping in line with my love for archaeology, there is some big news in the ancient board game world. According to Chinese Cultural Relics Journal, a 2,300-year-old board game has been discovered in a tomb near Qingzhou City in China. The game included a tile that featured two eyes as well as clouds and thunder and die made of an animal tooth that has 14 sides. Imagine rolling that for your Barbarian’s hit points!
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Archaeologists speculate that these pieces are part of a game called “Bo” or “Liubo” (a game that hasn’t been played in over 1,500 years). The only clues to how the game used to be played are in a poem, written by Song Yu (translated by David Hawkes)

“Then, with bamboo dice and ivory pieces, the game of Liu Bo is begun; sides are taken; they advance together; keenly they threaten each other. Pieces are kinged, and the scoring doubled. Shouts of ‘five white!’ arise.”

jessm Jess: This kind of mystery sounds like a challenge! We board gamers should begin designing games to use this die immediately!

How do you suppose Bo was played? What kinds of things would you do with a 14 sided die? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Image credit: Chinese Cultural Relics

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