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A Non-Board Game Gift Guide for Board Gamers

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dianasmDiana:  Merry Christmas, everybody!

robsmjessmandysmRob, Jessica, Andrew:  Merry Christmas!

dianasmDiana:  Time for the annual gift exchange – bet you’ll never guess what I got you all!

andysmAndrew:  You got us games!

dianasmDiana:  But, how can you know for sure?

jessmJessica:  Think about who we are. It’s games.

dianasmDiana:  Not necessarily. Do you see the shape of that package? It’s all roundy, it could be something else.

robsmRob:  I saw you wrap the gifts. You just made odd shaped boxes out of cardboard to throw everyone off. It didn’t work, give it up.

dianasmDiana:  But, I mean… oh whatever. Just open your gifts you fun-sucking bastards.

andysmAndrew:  OOOOOO, games!

dianasmDiana:  Seriously, what do you get board gamers as a gift if you don’t want to get them games?

It’s that time of year again; when the weather turns cold, the decorations go up, and all the Santas around the gaming tables make their lists. Games are a great gift, don’t get me wrong, but what do you get for a hardcore gamer if you don’t want to just get them yet another game? Here are a few of my favorite websites to check out for your holiday shopping.



It’s so easy to find great fan clothes for a video gamer, but why is it so difficult to find unique t-shirts for board game fans? Enter cardboardclothing.com; a small, US-based company dedicated to dressing board game groupies. I mean, who wouldn’t like a t-shirt that celebrates Galaxy Trucker or Seven Wonders? At $20 each, this is a great gift idea for anyone on your list.


Looking for that custom meeple of your dreams? How about dice with your portrait printed on it? Look no further than Shapeways. If you can dream it up, they can most likely print it up.  For example, the picture below is for replacement clips for Betrayal At House on the Hill, a game we love whose components drive us mad.

We just might have to order a set of these, actually…

This custom 3D printing company not only has a HUGE selection of pre-designed bits, almost anything you can think of, but they’ll also print from your own designs as well. Perfect for the avid collector looking to get game pieces a bit fancier than the standard.


If there’s somebody on your holiday shopping list who’s as storage and game box obsessed as our Rob is, you should take a trip to thebrokentoken.com. Their custom box inserts are truly a thing of beauty and are extremely high-quality to boot. Ever wonder why Machi Koro has such a huge box? You won’t after you invest in their Machi Koro Organizer. The large selection of organizers and finely made game tokens and meeples on this site will make any game lover have a great holiday.


Is there somebody on your list that has been super nice this year? I mean, always throw a festival in Stone Age, never pick the Prospector in San Juan nice?  They’ll need a gaming table from geekchichq.com. These tables are beautiful and custom made to order to fit any gaming space. They do come with a hefty price tag, but from all accounts they’re worth every penny. If these tables are out of your price range you should look at the $85 wooden Dice Tower – quite possibly the most elegant dice storage unit on the market.


No, I’m not kidding. There’s only so long that the average person can survive on delivery pizza and Chinese before their hearts start screaming for something healthier. Fresh Direct offers gift cards ranging from $20-$250, and with a great selection of pre-made meals available for delivery it’s a unique alternative to takeout.

andysmAndrew – Wait… Diana, how do you play this game? It’s all soft and made of fabric…

dianasmDiana – That’s a shirt.

andysmAndrew – Oh! Look, it has a meeple on it! Nice. ::Dons shirt:  I’m going to assign myself to the kitchen for some healthy snacks.

dianasmDiana:  I think you’re making fun of me, but I’ll take it.

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