Need a Board Game? Check out This Flow Chart!

If you struggle to decide what board game to play on any given day or if you are unsure what kind of game you might enjoy, it can often be an astronomical feat to pick a title out of the millions that exist. Recently the online gambling company Silver Oak Casino created a super detailed flow chart to “perhaps” help you find the perfect fit for your game night.

jessm Jess: I don’t agree with all of their suggestions and I think some of their questions display a certain “Broishness” (Looking to get laid = Twister or Girly Girls Only = Candy Land), but the chart does get you to some pretty good games like Puerto Rico, 7 Wonders, and Arkham Horror. I recommend that if you really need a suggestion ask your friends, your local board game store, or read our reviews and judge for yourself.

Image credit: Silver Oak Casino

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