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Jason Tagmire has designed such games as Pixel Lincoln, Lines of Fire, Maximum Throwdown, and Famous Missions. Along the way his smaller projects haven’t yet had the chance to blossom, until now. Jason and his friends at Button Shy Games have now created a Patreon campaign called The Board Game of the Month Club. The campaign is designed to send you a new print and play (P&P) game each month while also getting you discounts on the Wallet Game Kickstarter Campaigns which will happen each month in 2016 as well as discounts on their back catalog of Wallet Games. Patreon’s will also get exclusive episodes of the DIY Boardgames podcast which is starting up in January 2016.

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$1.00 Patreons will get the basic package of a membership card, monthly P&P games, and discounts, but for $5.00 supporters, you will also get Cult Film Postcard Games. These games will feature 12 games based on cult films. Each game will have a new designer and artist creating a postcard sized game. Some of the people working on the project are: Ben Begeal (Say What Again), Rob Couch (Epic Monster Tea Party), Jonathan Gilmour (Dead of Winter), Nat Levan (New Bedford), Doug Levandowski (UnPub), Matthew O’ Malley (Between Two Cities), and Matt Riddle & Ben Pinchback (Fleet). The rewards get better as you pledge more. At $10 you get a bonus micro game and at $20 you get a tee-shirt and a free wallet game from their inventory or from next month’s Kickstarter Campaign.

jessm Jess: This seems like a really cool campaign and considering that it features some of Gameosity’s favorite designers, I’m betting we will be joining the club soon. What do you guys think? Are print and play games worth $5.00/month?

Go check out The Board Game of the Month Club campaign to learn more and become a member.

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